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All We Need is Love or Not Sleepless in Seattle

After almost three weeks in the US, I went back home to Tel-Aviv, where my family is. I had a great time at the US with family and friends, and all the people who came to my lectures and bought … Continue reading

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Back in the United States for the Holidays

I arrived in the US on Friday, will stay in the Northwest for a little over two weeks. I left my husband and three out of four boys in Israel and came here to be with our oldest son who … Continue reading

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See You Soon, My Second Novel is Being Written

Living in the United States for sixteen years was quite an experience for me. I had no idea how my life would look like when I first got to Washington State. I was a young mom of a two-year old … Continue reading

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Life and Peace in Israel

I was going to write about my army service and about a special reunion party that took place about a week ago in our house (and I still will — see below), but I cannot do that before I write … Continue reading

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We Want to Know Where We Come From

Thank you to book reviewer and book blogger, Cristi of the Alaskan Book Cafe, for the lovely review of Daughters of Iraq she posted on Sept. 29, 2011. An excerpt of what she said about Daughters of Iraq: It is … Continue reading

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Guest Author Interview: Ey Wade

Ey Wade is the single parent of three awesome young women, whom she homeschooled through high school and the grandmother of “Lovey,” her young grandson. She is currently the author of nine books written through various genres. I recently interviewed … Continue reading

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Not a Special Day

Not a special day, but quite an enjoyable one. My husband took our oldest son two days ago and they traveled back to the other side of the world. Our oldest son will start college this week. It was so … Continue reading

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A totally unusual day

It was a usual Seattle morning for most people, but not for our family. The sky were grey, and it was a little cool, as we took three of our kids, one little dog and tons of luggage and drove … Continue reading

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This comfi old fence

It is a beautiful Wednesday night in Seattle area. I love summers here, it is the best season. The sun is shining still at 8:00 pm. Everything around is green and beautiful. I even have nice herbs at my backyard  for tea, … Continue reading

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Will I see you there?

Next week I am invited to give a lecture about my book, Daughters of Iraq, in Berkeley. Giving a lecture always makes me very nervous, and I always think about people who are performing in front of millions of people. … Continue reading

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