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Review: “It’s Just Your Imagination: Growing Up with a Narcissistic Mother – Insights of a Personal Journey” by Revital Shiri-Horowitz

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What an incredible journey: Growing up with a mother who doesn’t support you is a really tough challenge and one that many fail to survive. Shiri-Horovitz tells her own story with the intellect and precision of…

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Once a Year, or Love of Homeland

Once every year she packs a suitcase and leaves. Once every year she becomes young and restless once more, with no family, with no chores, not Mother-Of or Wife-Of, just her and the sea, and the waves, and the streets … Continue reading

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Costa Rica oh, Costa Rica

Costa Rica, oh Costa Rica Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical country, was good to us. Rainy and sunny, sultry and uplifting, and above all pleasing to both eye and soul. This year, we took our family to this beautiful tropical … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Yotam: Learning Disabilities as Growth

Saturday marked the twenty-third birthday of our oldest son, Yotam. Yotam is our eldest son, and like all firstborn, he had a big role in establishing our family. Yotam deserves tons of birthday wishes. He grew up to be a … Continue reading

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Life – What We Were Never Told

Life is quite funny, if you know to look from the side and laugh. Life is also quite serious, and sometimes painful. Life is something extremely complex. Exactly four years ago I went through surgery to remove my thyroid due … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder: An Unforgettable Experience at the Edge of the World

Each one of us has dreams. It is important to have dreams; it is important to have things to look forward to. I had a dream that I thought would never come true. I’m talking about New Zealand, a country … Continue reading

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The Iraqi-Israeli situation and the peace issue – One person`s oppinion

Since posting about the special video meeting between the students of the American University in Iraq and me, I got many supportive emails form the western world. I got supportive emails, but also found out that not only people from … Continue reading

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A surprising interview of me, a Jewish-Israeli-American- Iraqi Author by students at The American University in Iraq

A young student from the American university in Iraq contacted me a few months ago. She wrote me that she was very emotional after reading the book “Daughters of Iraq”. I don’t know what gave her the impulse to try … Continue reading

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Tips for life

I ran into my friend M, this morning, at the “French Bakery”. “I think I need some help”, she told me. “How can I help?” I asked her, when she was putting her younger son in the stroller, getting ready … Continue reading

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Fifty years of insights – celebrating fifty

Two weeks before I turn fifty…Wow! Just this number takes away one beat from my heart. Although many people would say that age is just a number, the real age is the one in our hearts, but still, fifty…I feel … Continue reading

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