Snow in Israel in August

It has been over a week for us in Israel. It is so hot you could cook a steak on the sidewalk. . . This actually does not bother me at all, since everything is air-conditioned. Plus, you can bathe in the Mediterranean sea, where the water is warm and the sandy beaches are so soft and awesome. The sun is shining every single day in Israel, no rain until at least late September; I can put my face against the sun, like I frequently imagined back in Seattle, and enjoy it.

My kids are tanned and family and friends have welcomed us with open arms and love. The flight went well and even Sheleg (‘Snow’ in Hebrew), our dog, did pretty well. Sitting in her little bag she slept most of the time. My husband took her for a walk outside the terminal in our connection layover, and then on the second flight I covered her little bag with my blanket (we shared it), and both of us slept.

The first few days in Israel were a nightmare, since nobody could sleep, and one of the kids was always waking everyone else up, since we had to stay in a hotel room. There is ten hours difference between here and the West Coast of the United States. Adjusting to the time difference is a side of travel I dislike, as well as the long flight. But this part is behind me, I put it far behind and look at other things now.

The first day we arrived I went to my high school reunion. The reunion was planned on a beach, just a very short walk from our hotel. What can I say? I did not have time to diet or prepare, I was glad I could just put on a beach dress and walk there. I admit, I was more than just a little nervous. And what a surprise I had. . . It was so nice meeting those old friends of mine.

I met the kid who sat next to me in class for three years. We used to chat all the time; it was more interesting than listening to our Physics or English teacher (who actually was a real nice lady, and used to beg me to please do my homework every now and then). He reminded me I once told him he would probably become Orthodox, because he was so radical. Well I was wrong (and not for the first time in my life, how shocking). He is a sales man, pretty successful, and is still a musician. He has been married to the same wife for ages and has three kids. And yes, he is bald, as are most of the men my age. . .

I met a few girlfriends I had lost contact with. This was the real fun part. Then I noticed something that blew me away: all the best looking girls from our school days looked way older than the rest of us. The hilarious part came when a camera was taken out and they posed like they were still seventeen, asking the camera man to keep taking shots of them.

I was also surprised to see people I just could not recognize after so many years. So, of course I found myself wondering how I was appearing to them. At least I can say I was recognizable, much better than the other way around. Now I could also see the benefits of not being the most beautiful girl in high school. There were no expectations of me, of how I would look compared to what I looked like before. I look okay and this is good enough. Indeed it is a great relief. Yes, I do have wrinkles myself, but no one would think it is so unusual. I am now at the point in life where one often hears the sentence, “You look quite good for your age.” It makes me smile, and I appreciate one more thing in my life.

So how was our first week? Did we move to our house? How are the kids doing? I guess you will have to wait for my next post. I’ll only say it is quite busy. And very loud.

About Revital Shiri-Horowitz

Author DAUGHTERS OF IRAQ, and HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON (English and Hebrew versions) novels @ immigrant experience to Israel. Experienced speaker to Jewish communities, bk audiences. Luvs her 4 sons/hubby/Havana Silk dogs
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6 Responses to Snow in Israel in August

  1. lea says:

    מקווה שאפר להגיב בעברית. מצריך פחות מאמץ מצדי….חייכתי כשכתבת כי רועש כאן. כל מי ששהה בחו”ל מספר שנים נדהם מרמת הדציבלים של תושבי הארץ. אח”כ מתרגלים.אנחנו מלכי הקולניות. יום טוב והסתגלות טובה.

    • שמחתי לתגובה ושמחתי לעובדה שהיא בעברית. הדציבלים שאני מברת עליהם הם של ילדי הפרטיים (שלא השתנו) ולכל מה שקורה סביבנו וקשור גם בבניית בית, אבל אכתוב על זה בפעם הבאה.

      כל טוב ותודה רבה, רויטל

  2. laurahartson says:

    im a little naive in thinking it never snowed in Israel. you learn something new each day!!

  3. cathy says:

    You really had me with the lead-in, *snow in Israel*! Clever.

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