Life is good

Life is good
today. After such stressful couple of months, and after sending my oldest son
to his adult independent life, and yes, I did cry at the graduation ceremony,
but not for the reasons you would think. I cried because he left home a couple
of days later. So I cried because I knew that life won’t be the same again in
our house. When I cried, my seven years old son, who saw me crying, asked why I
cried, and when I told him the reason he started crying, too, saying that Yotam
(my oldest son) is his favorite brother (we have four boys), and that he would
miss him so much too… My poor husband, he had to comfort both of us, while struggling
himself not to cry.

We sent Yotam
off on Saturday morning, after helping him pack. (I just did not know boys like
shoes as much as women do, since he packed ten pairs…) I turned my back to him
after saying goodbyes, so he wouldn’t see me crying, but he did anyway… I was so sorry he
had to see me cry; it was hard for him, too. He calls us every day; he never
used to do that whenever he would stay at camp. On the second night he called
at midnight, just to say goodnight. I guess it is hard on both sides.

We took the
rest of the boys and drove up to Whistler BC. I love this place winter or summer;
there is always so much to do, I call it my happy place, my Disney… We have been
here for the last couple of days, and I can see how much I needed the break
from all the craziness in my life. My husband took the two older boys mountain
biking, while I took our youngest just biking around. We rode to the lost lake
and had ice cream. We then walked to Blackcomb, and took a slide ride
together, had lunch and just were happy to have some quality mother-son time,
which was lots of fun. With such busy schedules and many kids, I rarely have
the time just to be with him, enjoying his terrific sense of humor, enjoying
holding his hand. (He still holds my hand…how fun!)

In the
evenings, the boys like to stay at the hotel. So I take my best friend (whom I am
married to this July for 20 years) and we have dinner in interesting
restaurants. Later today we are all going up to the Zip lines, and I am hoping
not to embarrass my family, but on the other hand, I do need a good scream, and
this would be a good place to do so…


Revital Shiri-Horowitz is the author of Daughters of Iraq.


About Revital Shiri-Horowitz

Author DAUGHTERS OF IRAQ, and HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON (English and Hebrew versions) novels @ immigrant experience to Israel. Experienced speaker to Jewish communities, bk audiences. Luvs her 4 sons/hubby/Havana Silk dogs
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2 Responses to Life is good

  1. Jackie says:

    What sweet, wonderful memories to write about. I think boys cry a lot harder than girls when they are truly touched. My baby and only boy with three older sisters sobbed hysterically when I sent him off to college (along with his nut case of a mother). He was thrilled to be going, had been packed for days (and yes, they have more shoes than girls), but the reality hit that he was moving onto the next phase of his life. Treasure these times.

    I love that you let us all peek into your life.

  2. horov says:

    Dear Jackie

    Thanks for your comment. It is good to know I am not the only Hysteric mom around…

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