Oh boy…Or, how to start blogging…

If I had to
start writing a blog what would I write about? You see, I am an
Israeli-American woman, who is never sure where she should be living, in the US
or in Israel. It seems that my feelings are always divided, influenced by the
politics (sometimes like it here, sometimes there), the time of the year (I
vote for winters over there, while summers definitely for the Northwest), Holidays
(definitely like it there. Oh wait, I just remembered how I hated the family pressure,
so maybe I like celebrating my Holliday here…), and I dislike the distance…
It is hard to live thousands of miles away from your elderly parents, siblings,
and nephews. When I am here I feel so Israeli, and when I am there I sometimes feel
like I do not belong anymore.

Did I mention
I am mother of four boys? I am, really a mother of four boys, and my boys
always tell everyone how I tried for a girl four times. The truth is I did want
four girls, but the reason would sound unusual for someone who was not born in
the Holly Land, where everyone is obligated to serve in the Army, and I was always
a worrier, and thought about being afraid to send my boys to fight. I guess
this is pretty selfish, I admit, but not every feeling we have is under our
control, and yet, as I already told you, I ended up having four adorable boys
ages 18, 15, 12 and 7.

Life is
packed, and life is complicated. Next week my oldest son is graduating from High
school. He is eighteen and is off to College in the fall. My son has learning
disabilities, and since he was in first grade he had to work extra hard just to
be able to make it, and next week he is graduating, and not only he is
graduating, he was accepted to one of the finest schools in the Northwest. I
know I need to carry with me tons of tissues, since I am going to sob there,
and I really do not care if I am going to embarrass myself or him, after all, I
do deserve at least one good cry of pride and delight. After the graduation he
will say goodbye to us, and go work all summer in a Summer Camp.

I do not
know how other mothers feel about their kids leaving home. I know that this is
going to be really tuff. I love having all these boysโ€™ energy around me, lots
of good laughters, active games, and yes lots of farts too, but this is all a
part of having all boys surrounding you. In just a few weeks my oldest son will
leave home, when he was born his weight was less than 5 ponds, and now he is a
fine young man. I will have less laundry to do, and more driving to do, since
he helps driving his brothers (a good kid, did I mention that?), oh my god it
is unbearable even to think about it. How do you all do it? Am I the only one
ready to go back to College just to be with him? I am telling you, I would if I


About Revital Shiri-Horowitz

Author DAUGHTERS OF IRAQ, and HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON (English and Hebrew versions) novels @ immigrant experience to Israel. Experienced speaker to Jewish communities, bk audiences. Luvs her 4 sons/hubby/Havana Silk dogs http://revital-sh.com/
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6 Responses to Oh boy…Or, how to start blogging…

  1. Lora says:

    Revital, I relate to what you are saying so much and I enjoy very much your writing style, sense of honesty and guts. I almost feel like we are in the same room and I hear you talking. I don’t think there is a higher complement an author can get than that!
    Another thing I know is – you make the best cheese cake in the northwest!!

  2. Stuart Land says:

    Heartfelt first blog. You might consider another view to your belonging dilemma. It’s not that you don’t belong anywhere, it’s that you belong “everywhere”. And now your children are going out into the world, in a sense, spreading a part of you everywhere.

    I so want some of the cheesecake I’ve been hear about.

    Please come visit my blog.

  3. horov says:

    Thanks for the interesting point of view. Will gladly visit your blog.

  4. jackie says:

    I’m so pleased you’re blogging about your full, rich life. When I had my three girls, besides being thrilled my life would be filled with frills and dolls after being raised with three brothers, I was grateful I would never have to worry about the aspect of sending a child to war.

    When my son was born, I was estatic to have a little testosterone bringing up the rear in a home filled with erratic female hormones (girls have PMS from the time they are 2!), but that was a nagging fear all these years. He is now 23 and past the point of induction if the draft was re-instated.

    I sobbed hystericall as each child left the nest. But the beauty is you get to discover the others in ways you never knew before because one of the dynamics is now gone. Find joy in this new journey. YOU did good girlfriend. You’re child is off to find his path. You have given him his freedom!
    Blessings (on your head ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  5. horov says:

    Jackie thanks! I am so blessed to have you as my friend!

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